Saving Jordan's Habitats

Our native biodiversity, plants and habitats are under siege. Very few natural sites remain intact in Jordan.

We are determined to protect Jordan's remaining “home” habitats, study them as models, and re-create them as authentically as possible in the Royal Botanic Garden. We are currently re-creating the five Jordanian habitats shown below.

National Virtual Herbarium

The new National Virtual Herbarium provides online access to herbarium specimens of Jordan. More than 500 specimens can now be viewed.

Deciduous Oak Forest Habitat

Quercus aegilops is the national tree of Jordan and the signature species in the Deciduous Oak Forest Habitat at the RBG.

Pine Forest Habitat

Jordan's last remaining stand of old pine forest, found in Dibeen, is the home habitat for our Pine Forest Habitat.

Juniper Forest Habitat

The Royal Botanic Garden's Juniper Forest Habitat is modeled on a natural home habitat found in Wadi Ahmar, in the Dana Reserve.

Jordan Plant Red List,Volume 1

The Jordan Plant Red List, Vol. 1 is completed and published

Riparian Freshwater Habitat

Jordan's wadis are a source of fresh water and abundant life in an otherwise hot and arid environment.

Jordan Valley and Dead Sea Habitat

From subtropical Sudanian to arid Sudanian savannnoid, an astounding variety of plants is found in the Jordan Valley.

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