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Jordan Green Building Council

Address: Ibrahim Al Ghuzlani Street - Umm Uthaina
Location: Jordan Amman JO
green_building education_and_training

E-Case Society

Address: 37 Nouri Toughan
P.O. Box: 910531 Amman
Location: Jabal Lweibdeh 11191 Amman JO
green_building renewable_energy education_and_training

Desert Tulip for Trading of Agricultural Supplies

Address: Abdel Rahman Ma'rouf Building- Eliya Abu Madi Street
P.O. Box: 940077
Location: Shumaisani 11194 Amman JO
rangeland_rehabilitation tree_planting erosion_control organic_plant_nursery organic_farming non_chemical_fertilizers education_and_training

Jordan Environment Society (JES)

Address: Thaqafa street
P.O. Box: 922821 Amman
Location: Shmaisani 11192 Jordan Amman JO
green_building recycled education_and_training

Alasir Architects - Sustainable Solutions

Address: Gardens St.
P.O. Box: 433
Location: Tlaa Al Ali 11947 Amman JO
green_building alternative_architecture education_and_training traditional_knowledge

Samman Renewable Energy Corporation

Address: Al- Husun M. St.
P.O. Box: 440
Location: Greater Irbid 21110 Irbid JO
renewable_energy solar_power battery_collection light_bulb_collection paint_collection

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Market

Address: 171 al Waha Circle, al Gardens
P.O. Box: 941882
Location: Shmeisani 94111 Amman JO
renewable_energy solar_power

GEF / The Small Grants Programme

Address: 7 Abdel Aziz al Tha'alibi
Location: Shmeisani Amman JO
biodiversity_research rangeland_rehabilitation biodegradable_soaps natural_health_products ecotourism education_and_training traditional_knowledge tree_planting composting erosion_control organic_farming non_chemical_fertilizers beekeeping renewable_energy solar_power

The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS)

Address: 7 Abdel Aziz al Tha'alibi
Location: Shmeisani 11118 Amman JO
biodiversity_research green_building education_and_training traditional_knowledge

RIHANI Renewable Energy Company

Address: 183 Madina Tybia St.
Location: Daboug Amman JO
biodiversity_research green_building earth_building renewable_energy solar_power water_purification biodegradable_soaps natural_health_products recycling education_and_training

Jordanian Renewable Energy Society

Address: Balat Al-Shohda St., Opposite Housing Corporation Stores
P.O. Box: 2818 Amman
Location: Abu Nusair 11941 Amman JO
renewable_energy solar_power education_and_training

ETA-max Energy & Environmental Solutions

Address: Yajouz Street, Caracas Center
P.O. Box: 5383
Location: Jubaiha 11941 Amman JO
green_building renewable_energy solar_power ecotourism education_and_training

Jordan Natural & Organic Food Expo

Address: Al Jandaweel
P.O. Box: 445
Location: Al Jandaweel 11831 Amman JO
natural_health_products holistic_health education_and_training

Back to Green Jordan

Address: Orwa Bin Othaina
Location: Em Esummaq Amman JO
biodiversity_research composting earth_building recycling traditional_knowledge

Dajani Agribusiness

Address: 19 Mostafa Majed Odwan St.
P.O. Box: 1266
Location: Tla' Ali 11953 Amman JO
tree_planting xeriscape biological_pest_control

Address: King Abdullah 2nd Street
P.O. Box: 925883
Location: Hay al Maysaloun 11119 Amman JO
tree_planting organic_seeds organic_produce biological_pest_control herbology recycling education_and_training

Jordanian Society for Microbial Biodiversity

Address: Urwa Bin Uthaina
Location: Em Esummaq 11953 Amman JO
biodiversity_research tree_planting composting microbial_biodiversity earth_building renewable_energy natural_fibre_clothing holistic_health recycling

Address: Main Abo Allandah St.
P.O. Box: 11039
Location: Amman 111310 Amman JO
recycling recycling_of_computers education_and_training

HIMA for Engineering & Environmental Consulting

Address: Husni Sobar
P.O. Box: 925822
Location: Capital 11119 Amman JO
green_building alternative_architecture renewable_energy solar_power water_purification education_and_training

Cycling Jordan

Address: Mecca Street
Location: Mecca Street Amman JO
tree_planting composting renewable_energy recycling ecotourism education_and_training traditional_knowledge

Entity Green

Address: Princess Tharwat Street, Building No. 71, 3rd floor
P.O. Box: P.O. Box 2551
Location: Prince Rashid District 11181 Amman JO
recycling recycled_paper recycling_of_computers

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

Address: Al Louzi St.
Location: Al Jubaiha Amman JO
biodiversity_research natural_health_products ecotourism education_and_training

Mountain Breeze Country Club

Address: Gilead, Al Salt
P.O. Box: 831274 Amman
Location: Balqa 11183, Zahran, Amman Salt JO
tree_planting organic_farming organic_produce alternative_architecture ecotourism education_and_training

Rumman ECO Projects

Address: Al Madina al Munawarah Street
P.O. Box: 614 Khelda
Location: Um Uthayna 11821 Amman JO
tree_planting composting renewable_energy solar_power water_purification water_harvesting biodegradable_soaps natural_health_products holistic_health recycling ecotourism education_and_training organic_plant_nursery organic_seeds organic_farming organic_produce free_range_meat non_chemical_fertilizers green_building earth_building

Address: Naqeb St.
Location: Naqeb As Salt JO
tree_planting erosion_control education_and_training

The Green Society

Address: None
Location: None Amman JO
green_building renewable_energy solar_power water_harvesting recycling recycled_paper education_and_training traditional_knowledge