Hashemite University Volunteering Day

Fifty-five Hashemite University students volunteered for a day at the Royal Botanic Garden in November 2014.

The Royal Botanic Garden isn’t open to the public yet, and only occasionally accommodates groups of visitors. However, when we got a call from HU professor Dr Jwan Ibbini and heard she was teaching Environmental Volunteering, we couldn’t say No!

The students did a variety of tasks, like clean and sort seeds, prepare herbarium specimens, make reed windbreaks, learn about and turn compost, build rock terraces, and dig holes.

Dr Ibbini is Professor of Environmental Microbiology, Dept. of Land Management and Environment, at the Faculty of Natural Resources & Environment, Hashemite University.

The students are in a 4-year Land Management and Environment programme, where they study soil as the source of life, agriculture, plants and the environment. HU may also be introducing a Master’s degree in Climate Change and Arid Land Sustainability in the future, as well as a Dry Lands Academy.

Many thanks to HU student Julia Qazzaz for this video report and phenomenal soundtrack, produced as part of her course work.

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