Artisanal Workshop

An Artisanal Workshop class at the RBGAs a model for sustainable development, the RBG's Income Generating Programme has a mission to develop distinctive lines of income-generating products inspired by nature.

Each product is intended to have an integral and sustainable link to the raw materials and human resources of the environment and the local community.

At an RBG Artisanal Workshop class The idea is to engage the local community in the creation of things of beauty while working towards greater balance in the larger regional relationship between people and the land.

We hope to revive popular awareness and appreciation of nature while providing local groups – particularly women – with alternative means of earning a sustainable income.

The first project, known as the Artisanal Workshop, is envisioned as an income-generating endeavor that draws upon the treasures of the natural environment and the talents of the local community.

Printing blocksThe Artisanal Workshop was inaugurated in April 2011 with a four-month training module in sewing and tailoring, and block printing, for 14 local women.

This first module ended in August 2011, with a certification examination under the aegis of the women’s cooperative of the neighboring village of Mubis, with which we have established a partnership. All 14 participants graduated and received certification from the Ministry of Social Development.

Experimenting with block printingAfter thoughtful consideration, we decided to start with textile-based handicraft production, while the plant-based elements of the Garden are still in their maturation phases.

Once the RBG habitats are mature and able to support the regular harvesting of flowers, plants and herbs, the IGP will expand into product lines based directly on Garden-derived natural materials.

Products Block-printed pot mittswill include essential oils and herbal skincare, sugars and syrups flavored with flower petals, and floral paper and stationary sets, among other things.

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