Artisanal Workshop Visits Traditional Art College

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Nineteen women from Tal Al-Rumman recently visited the College of Islamic Art and Architecture in Amman as part of their Artisanal Workshop training, under the Income Generating Programme of the Royal Botanic Garden.

Accompanied by RBG project coordinator Ayat Asa'ad and trainer Jasmine Melvin-Koushki, the women learned about traditional designs, observed some of the College's students at work, and were inspired by the beautiful calligraphy and art they saw. 

Hana Hijaz, a professor at the College, gave a masterful introduction to Islamic art concepts, and looked at some of the artwork already produced by the women.

The group toured all parts of the College, and were particularly interested in the woodwork, copper pieces, paintings and calligraphy. (See more photos below.)

The women then headed to Jabal Amman for lunch at Beit Shocair, where they discovered the history of the house with Mr. Shocair and saw how it is today used as a culture center and art gallery.

The 19 women are part way through a second RBG training course that is helping them develop their artistic skills and begin producing handicrafts inspired by nature.

In this course, sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), they have been given a comprehensive introduction to design, colour theory and drawing, and are sometimes seen sketching flowers and scenery at the Garden.






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Listening to a presentation by Prof. Hana Hijaz Examples of work done earlier in the Artisanal Workshop
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