Coordinator: Yasmine Pharaon

The Royal Botanic Garden plans to establish a training course for new beekeepers, in Tal Al-Rumman as well as other parts of Jordan.

We plan to initiate micro-projects for the sale of honey and and products made of beeswax.

Ten beehives have been set up in the Garden so far, to bring balance to the Garden as well as form the basis of the future beekeeping and honey production component of our Income Generating Programme.

Inside a beehive

The RBG's beekeeping operations are being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Nizar Haddad and his Bee Research Unit.

Before bees were introduced to the Garden, four RBG staff members received beekeeping training, in March 2011.

The training was held in Irbid at the Maru Station that is part of the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension (NCARE).

To contact us our beekeeping team, please send an email to:


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