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The RBG’s Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation programme received visitors from the IUCN, the Arab Women’s Organization of Jordan (جمعية النساء العربيات في الأردن), the Bani Hashem cluster villages, ad Dhlial village, al Hashemiah village, and the Range Department of the Ministry of Agriculture on May 1, 2012.

CBRR Coordinator Khalid Al-Khalidi, and consultant Dr. Mustafa Shudiefat, presented the rangeland and herding studies done at the RBG, conducted a Q&A session, and gave a tour of the Garden.

The participants were interested in hearing about the CBRR’s experience with rangeland management, biomass growth, stocking rates, para-vets, improved herd health and socioeconomic factors, and benefited from direct contact with three CBRR herders who were present, Jameel, Faiz and Ismael.

Comments ranged from “Great!" to "We're inspired to do something similar" to "We've visited many projects, and didn’t see what we’ve seen here. We found no benefit  for us, except here."


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