Dairy Production

Coordinator: Khalid al Khalidi

RBG Dairy Production pilot projectThe RBG's Dairy Production programme began in 2011 as a pilot project involving the family of Umm Mowafaq in Tal Al-Rumman.

The aim of the Dairy Production programme is to diversify the income of sheep herding families.

The first focus of the programme is the production of sundried jameed, a dehydrated yogurt that is hardened into small balls, and then reconstituted to cook mansaf, the national dish of Jordan.



We established production procedures this year and experimented with a customized drying box that makes the jameed dry faster, and keeps it cleaner, than traditional drying methods where the jameed is left unprotected.

A good quality product was made during our pilot project, and we look forward to including more local families during next year's sheep milk season, from January to May.