Eco Building

Eco building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient.

The Royal Botanic Garden's approach to, well, everything, is about sustainability and duplicability. That goes for construction methods as well.

We want to demonstrate that alternative earth-based construction is viable, in the hopes that Jordanians will move toward more ecological (and, ultimately, less expensive) construction methods.

Two buildings already existed in the Garden when the land was acquired. One is a guard station from Ottoman times, built of stone and refurbished in 2006. The other, a Forestry Department training centre, serves as our interim research headquarters.

All the new buildings we are planning – such as the visitors centre, biodiversity pavilions, research centre and cafés – will be inspired from nature and will make maximum use of natural materials, rather than concrete which has a high carbon footprint.

In 2012, we started constructing ecodomes, to demonstrate a unique way of building with earth. Four ecodomes in the Garden will serve as a visitors orientation centre and exhibition buildings. More about the RBG's ecodomes.

We are building this way because we feel it is important not to be reliant on man-made materials, or even on electricity for that matter.

The RBG is a member of the Jordan Green Building Council.