Ecodomes at the RBG

August 15, 2012 update - Construction of the three ecodomes in the Bee Garden has been completed.

We have also finished building a larger ecodome that has subdomes. Many people say it looks like a hobbit house!

The large ecodome will be our Global Context building, where visitors watch an introductory video about the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan.











April 23, 2012 - Ecodomes are being built at the Royal Botanic Garden, to demonstrate a construction method that is energy efficient, less polluting, less costly, and suited to the environment.

Also known as superadobe or earth-bag buildings, ecodomes use local materials, to reduce shipping and to blend better into the surroundings.

Three ecodomes in the Garden will house bee exhibits, and a fourth larger dome will serve as a visitor orientation centre.

The constructor of the ecodomes is Henne Al Khalili, who lives in a self-built superadobe home in Amman.

Henne found her life's calling when she attended a mud building course in San Diego, offered by the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, or CalEarth, in 2008.

Henne had met CalEarth's founder, Nader Khalili (not related), several years earlier at an introductory talk in Jabal Al-Weibdeh.

She ended up studying with his wife, however, as Nader passed away shortly before Henne arrived in California.

One of CalEarth's best students, Henne loves ecodomes and wants to add value to the art.

Henne's dream is to transform Jordan into the mud house centre of the world.

"I am proud to be supporting the sustainable living programme at Jordan's Royal Botanic Garden, building ecodomes with natural, local materials," says Henne.


Here is a video from CalEarth's founder, the late Nader Khalili, describing how ecodomes are built.

Many stages of ecodome construction at the RBG can be seen in the photo gallery below.

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