Economic Studies on Herding

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The RBG is conducing analysis of the financial performance of participants in our Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation programme.

By doing this, we are getting a clearer understanding of the factors involved. The CBRR team is now helping 48 herding families focus their management efforts on the areas most likely to improve flock profitability.

Sales, expenses and revenue for the sheep and goat producers are examined to determine the profitability of each herd.

Analyses include productivity per head and total financial performance.

These studies enable local herders to create an information management system that leads to better, and more profitable, decision making.

Livestock Recording System

From our initial economic study results, the RBG found it very important to disseminate data templates as an extension tool to help livestock owners record their costs in their livestock businesses.

These templates help herd owners determine if their business is efficient and profitable, as it encourages them to record all expenses and costs related to livestock production, such as water, transportation, medicine, family labor, feeds, etc.

Two papers concerning the economic aspects of the Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation programme have been published so far. Please visit our Publications page.

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