The Jordan Mushroom Project


Finding and cataloguing
the wild mushrooms of Jordan!

Professor Dr. Ahmad Momany of the University of Jordan spent a sabbatical at the Royal Botanic Garden in 2011-2012, conducting research on wild mushrooms.

He spent the year travelling throughout the Kingdom searching for mushrooms, with the help of local volunteers, and is now preparing a book on Jordan's mushrooms.

Preserved samples of Jordan's mushrooms will be displayed in a future mushroom museum on the grounds of the Royal Botanic Garden.

The goals of the Jordan Mushroom Project were:

  • Choose the best edible mushrooms
  • Prepare for commercial production of mushrooms
  • Teach the local community how to produce wild mushrooms indoors, to generate income
  • Promote the health benefits of eating mushrooms
  • Compile a database of Jordan's native mushrooms
  • Open an online mushroom museum
  • Create a mushroom exhibit at the Royal Botanic Garden
  • Publish a field guide illustrating the biodiversity of wild mushrooms in Jordan
  • Print leaflets to help people differentiate between poisonous and edible mushrooms

Dr Momany has found and identified 138 mushroom species so far in Jordan, and prepared a series of mushroom spores and spawns for commercial growing purposes. Two families in Tal Al-Rumman have been taught how to cultivate mushrooms as a cottage industry.

Watch this video and see the video gallery below for more photographs.

Dr. Ahmad Momany has a Ph.D in Mycology from Hannover University (1983). He has been working at the University of Jordan since 1984, becoming a full professor in 1994. Dr. Momany has published some 50 articles on mushrooms and fungal diseases and a book entitled Wild Mushrooms of North Cyprus (2009), and co-authored four books on plant disease control.

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Incubator for growing mushrooms Oyster mushrooms
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