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The CBRR project is gathering traditional knowledge from eldersA wealth of knowledge is tucked away in the memories of local community members in Jordan.

Some is traditional knowledge, passed down through the generations. Some has to do with more recent grazing and farming practices. But if not recorded, there is a chance it will slip away and we will lose the value of that knowledge forever.

After speaking with Bedouin elders in Jordan's Badia area, the RBG decided to systematically study and document the information they usually pass on through oral tradition, regarding livestock production, medicinal plant use, and grazing management.

Research on traditional and local knowledge thus became a part of the work of the RBG's Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation (CBRR) programme.

Our first local knowledge study began in January 2010 with the design of a questionnaire to collect local data, past and present, on the following subjects:

Our researchers meeting with a community member

  • Livestock numbers 
  • Medicinal plants
  • Traditional grazing regimes
  • Endangered plants
  • Animal diseases

After 10 focus groups and over 80 meetings with community members, the CBRR's first local knowledge study was completed and the results have been published online at Pastoralism Journal.

See also Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants commonly used by local Bedouins in the Badia region of Jordan.

The CBRR programme will continue to integrate Local Knowledge studies in its projects, which are now expanding to other areas of Jordan.

Passing on traditional knowledge to future generations

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