Previous and Current Projects

Current Projects

EKF-ESS project

As part of a national project, the Royal Botanic Garden is partnering with the Jordanian Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the GIZ on behalf of the German Government to implement in Jordan the 5-year project, Sustainable Use of Ecosystem Services, known as the EKF- ESS project. The RBG will work in Tal Al Rumman with the project team to promote the RBG model for rangeland ecosystem management at the national level and enhance awareness of target stakeholders on best practices, also to build the capacity of the RBG team. In addition, the project will support the local community initiative on sustainable use of ecosystem services.

The project aims at promoting improved policy provisions and legislative frameworks for the governance of ecosystems in the country with focus on six governorates, namely, Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash, Balqa, Madaba, and Karak.

The project was launched in Amman in September, 2014.



The Royal Botanic Garden is taking the lead in a 2-year EU funded project entitled "Social and Intercultural Dialogue through Governance for Local development: Mediterranean Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (UPA)" Known as the SIDIG-MED project.

The overall aim of the SIDIG-MED project is to use Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture as a means to improve governance processes for public authorities, and to promote social and intercultural dialogue through cooperative organizations and associations fighting social exclusion and poverty.

The project will be implemented in cities and territories characterized by vast agricultural areas (Al-Balga in Jordan, Rome in Italy, Mahdia in Tunisia and Barcelona in Spain,) and will adopt permaculture and organic farming concepts including innovative and energy-efficient techniques for water harvesting, composting to enrich the soil and beekeeping for income generation and pollination.

The project was launched in Amman in February, 2014.

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Previous Projects


PROTEB Project

The project aims to raise awareness and enrich responsible actions of the Jordanian in order to protect the environment and biodiversity in the Kingdom. Jordanian non-governmental organizations were involved in the project. Local NGO's divided themselves into two groups upon areas of interest which were among the project focus; reduction waste and increase of recycling, and biodiversity and which the RBG took the lead in. The RBG launched the initiative, Our Trees in Our Hands, which aimed to raise awareness of school teachers on native trees of Jordan.  

The project was launched in Amman in 2013.


BOT-ERA Project

The Royal Botanic Garden took part in a 3-year FP7-funded programme known as the BOT-ERA Project, to reinforce cooperation between the RBG and the European Research Area (ERA).

The overall aim of the BOT-ERA project is to integrate the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan (BOT) into the European Research Area (ERA), by developing cooperation with European research organisations in three key botanical research areas:

    Plants and Seed Conservation
    Genetic Diversity and Biotechnology
    Utilisation and Access Benefit Sharing

The BOT-ERA Project was built upon the RBG’s existing strengths as a high-quality research institution via capacity building activities with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the University of Birmingham, and Innoveo Consulting of Luxembourg.

The project was launched in Amman on 15 February 2012.

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The Jordan Mushroom Project  


Natural Material Project


Eco-Building Project