RBG Team

Tariq Abu Taleb

Executive Director

Tariq Abu Taleb provides overall direction and co-ordination of the technical and administrative aspects of the RBG. He was appointed Director of the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan in December 2009.

He obtained an undergraduate degree in biology from the Citadel, from the military college of South Carolina, USA, 1999; and a graduate degree in Environmental Hazards and Risk from Brunel University, London, UK, 2005.

Prior to his post at the RBG, Tariq worked in conservation and scientific research projects in national and international nonprofit organizations and research institutions.



Dr Mustafa Al-Shudiefat

Director of Programmes

Dr Mustafa was appointed as Director of Programs in November 2016. He oversees the overall operations and implementations of RBG's Programmes components.
Prior to his post, he was a researcher in the Community Based Rangeland Rehabilitation (CBRR) Programme. He has also worked at the Jordan Badia Research and Development Centre as Head of Local Community Development Department from 2009 to 2011, and he was the manager of the Badia Centre for Ecological Education from 2003 to 2012. He was also working with RBG as a consultant from 2007 till 2012 to collaborate the establishment of the CBRR programme.

Dr Mustafa is a frequent presenter at international conferences and has publications in the field of sustainable development; he has published more than 12 academic papers and reports in ethno-pharmacology, local knowledge and governance and on rangeland rehabilitation.

Dr Mustafa Al-Shudiefat has a degree in a Veterinary Medicine and Surgery from Jordan University for Science and Technology, 2003.



Bilal Al-Quraan

Finance Officer

Bilal joined the RBG in 2012. He leads the budgeting processes, provides analysis of data for decision-makers and manages budgets and financial reports of donors.

Bilal has an extensive experience in audit and advisory for more than 6 years. His experience was in different auditing firms, like manufacturing, investments, real-estate, construction, hotels and nonprofit organizations.

He holds B.Sc. degree in Accounting Information System from Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan.



Hana Kambay

Administrative & Human Resources Manager

Hana joined the RBG team in October 2012; she holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan. Hana has long experience in the Administrative field dates back to 1998, and has been working on HR issues for more than six years.

Hana also organized many regional events during her career, and till now, she enjoys events planning more than anything she does.



Hatem Taifour

Head Botanist

Hatem was the first botanist to join the RBG, in 2008. In addition to planning, conducting field surveys, mapping vegetation, restoring ecosystems, producing reports and scientific papers, and helping establish a strong scientific foundation for RBG operations, he has recently focused on establishing the checklist of native plants of Jordan, assessing the conservation status of plant species according to IUCN Red List criteria, publishing Volume 1 of the Jordan Plant Red List and contributing to the Wild Socioeconomic Plant Conservation Strategy for Jordan.

Hatem also conducted studies for the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, including vegetation baseline surveys and monitoring programmes for most nature reserves in Jordan. He contributed to Environmental Impact Assessments for many projects.

He holds M.Sc. degree in Plant Science from Jordan University of Science and Technology.



Yaseen Ananbeh

Field Botanist

Yaseen joined the RBG in May 2014. Yaseen has 10 years of extensive experience in botany. Before joining the RBG, he worked at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN). Yaseen has several years of experience in a variety of fields concerning floral research and taxonomy, herbaria and protected areas management. In addition, he gained knowledge about the IUCN Red List as he enhanced and built up technical skills on the status of floral species of Jordan. Further, he has good taxonomical experiences and skills in plant identification.

Yaseen holds B.Sc. degree in Agriculture Engineering and M.Sc. degree in Natural Resources Management from Jordan University of Science and Technology.



Khalid Al-Khalidi

Coordinator in Community-Based Rangeland Rehabilitation

Khalid joined the RBG in 2009. He had an extensive experience mainly in rangeland rehabilitation from the Jordanian Badia Center for Research and Development as his last position there was Director of Rangeland Rehabilitation Project. He also had experience in Bee Keeping and Honey Production.

During his career, Khalid contributed in publishing scientific papers and reports and contributed in research activities which were documented and published in well known publishing institutions, in collaboration with local, regional and international researchers.

Further, Khalid took part in either supervising or delivering 8 training courses in different subjects in rangeland management for local institutions.

He represented the RBG in 8 local, regional and international workshops and conferences.

Khalid holds  B.Sc. degree in Economy and Agricultural Guidance from the University of Jordan.



Refad Al-Khawaldah

Nursery Manager Assistant

Refad officially joined the RBG in September 2012 as a trainee on Nursery work for one year. Before that, he was assigned as a trainee for six months in the RBG's Jordan Mushroom Project with Dr Ahmad Al-Momany, the University of Jordan.

From November 2013, he was appointed as Nursery Manager Assistant where he helps in recording nursery data and participates in field trips to collect wild plant species.

Refad obtained  M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Biotechnology from Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan.



Maysa Shishani

Programme Coordinator
Herbarium, Seed Bank, Native Plant Database

Maysa joined the RBG in late 2005 as a Project Assistant. Before joining the RBG she was volunteering at the Herbarium of the University of Jordan. Then, she became the Herbarium Programme Manager at the RBG, as she had received training at the Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK, and the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland. She created, the National Virtual Herbarium of Jordan, the first Virtual Herbarium in the Middle East, in 2012. Later she became the Manager of the RBG seed bank as she received training at the Millinium Seed Bank, UK.

Currently, she is managing the Herbarium, Virtual Herbarium, Seed Bank and the Native Plant Database.

Maysa holds B.Sc. degree in Biology from the University of Jordan.



Hanan Al-Mfadi

Herbarium Assistant

Hanan joined to the RBG in October 2012. Her main responsibilities are to expand the RBG’s living collection, especially, for the herbarium, from all over Jordan, and to conduct proper curating processes, as well as record keeping of the herbarium collection.

Hanan holds B.Sc. degree in Horticulture and Crop Science from the University of Jordan.




Azahra'a Abu Kashef

Administrative Assistant