Anchusa strigosa ~ Prickly Alkanet

Anchusa strigosa ~ Prickly Alkanet 

لسان الثور / حمحم


Herbaceous, perennial plant, about 1 m long with stiff spiny hairs. Leaves oblong to lanceolate, crowded at the base, spiny. 

Flowers: 1-1.5 cm in diameter, with pale blue-whitish petals.

Flowering: February-June

Habitat: Roadsides, dumps and fields in Irbid, Ajloun, Jarash, Salt, Amman, Karak and Tafila


Anchusa strigosa is in the Boraginaceae family (same family as the herb Borage).

A. strigosa is a very adaptable and tenacious plant which tends to be a characteristic of most plants in Boraganaceae. This is evident by its ability to adapt to a broad range of habitats in Jordan from Mediterranean woodlands, to steppe vegetation, to true desert. 

Flowering can occur from late January through April depending on where it is growing, and flowers can range from pure white to the deepest cobalt blue. Leaves are extremely rough and prickly.

A. strigosa is also being researched for its antidiabetic properties

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