Convolvulus dorycnium

Convolvulus dorycnium L. ~~ Splendid Bindweed

مدادة شجرية

Family:  Convolvulaceae

Perennial shrubby plant with woody base and many soft green annual leafless branches

Leaves: Lanceolate-linear or narry, hairy

Flowers: 2-3 cm in diameter, pinto to dark pink, many on lateral branches, showy

Flowering: April to August

Habitat: Hillsides and vacant lots in Irbid, Jarash, Salt, Amman and Karak

Native to Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, Tunisia and much of the Eastern Mediterranean, Convolvulus dorycnium occurs in Mediterranean woodland and semi-steppe vegetation, usually in rocky sites.

It is a wonderful ornamental plant for any garden because of its shimmering silvery leaves, airy habit, and profuse pink flowers from April through August. It can be grown very easily from seed with germination taking place in four days at the RBG nursery.

Convolvulus dorycnium can be seen blooming all over the RBG site along the roadside edges.


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