Iris atrofusca ~ Jal'ad Iris

Iris atrofusca ~ Jal'ad Iris

سوسن جلعاد - كحيلة الكلب


Perennial, 30-40 cm in height, growing often in semi-rounded tufts about 0.5 m in diameter

Leaves: 1.2-2 cm in width, as long as the stalk of the flower, usually covered by a waxy greyish material, giving a dull look to the leaves

Flowers: 10-15 cm in diameter, dark lilac

Flowering: March-April

Habitat: Low hills overlooking Jordan Valley, Wadi as-Sair, As Shbaihi and Jal'ad

Note: The Jal'ad Iris is one of the dark coloured irises that people often call "black iris.  It is a rare species, and needs to be protected.

If you see it growing in the wild, do not pick it!

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