Lupinus pilosus ~ Lupin

Lupinus pilosus ~ Lupin

Syn: Lupinus varius



Annual, 30-70 cm tall, branching from above, densely covered by long soft hairs

Leaves: Palmately pinnate, petiolate, leaflets, elliptic to oblong-lanceolate, silky hairy

Flowers: Blue with white spot, 1-1.5 cm long, arranged in a dense, terminal raceme

Flowering: February-April

Pod: 3-8 cm long, shallowly constricted

Habitat: Low mountains in Irbid and Salt


Annual flower native to the Eastern Mediterranean which can bloom any time from mid February to April. In Jordan, it is typically found in marginal lands, fields and non-forested areas throughout the country's Mediterranean climate regions.

Most commonly found with deep blue flowers, but there is also a naturally occurring coral-pink color variation that can sometimes be found.

The white splotch on the top petal of each individual flower changes to a purple color once pollinated.  This directs any pollinating insects as to which flower they should focus their efforts on.

The RBG has massive swaths of Lupinus pilosus on our hillsides, creating a beautiful waterfall effect.

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