Ophrys umbilicata ~ Carmel Bee Orchid

Ophrys umbilicata ~ Carmel Bee Orchid, Mountain Carmel Ophrys 

اوركيد النحله


Perennial, 15-40 cm tall

Leaves: Basal, 5-10 cm long, lanceolate

Flowers: 5 to 12, 1.5 cm in diameter, greenish yellow; sepals 6-13 mm long, lanceolate, greenish or pale pink; petals 3-5 mm long, triangular, pale green, hairy; labellum 6-15 m long, 3-lobed; lateral lobe with horn-like projections, velvety, dark red-purple; middle lobe convex, oblong, with fan-shaped tip; speculum pale blue, reddish-brown or brownish-violet with yellowish borders, irregular, almost encircling, 3-4 velvety spots

Flowering: March-May

Habitat: Forests in Salt


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