Orchis tridentata ~ Toothed Orchid

Orchis tridentata ~ Toothed Orchid

اوركيد مسنن


Perennial, dark spotted orchid, 20-30 cm tall

Leaves: Basal, 5-10 cm, lanceolate

Flowers: 1-1.5 cm in diameter, pink with dark spots and veins, arranged in a very dense structure, pink with darker veins; petals totally reduced; labellum 8-10 mm, deeply 3-lobed, pink, with darker spots, papillose; terminal lobe, cordate-ovate or 3-lobed, with a very reduced middle lobe into a minute tip; spur 10 mm long

Flowering: March-April

Habitat: Mountains and forests in Irbid, Ajloun, Jarash and Salt

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