Quercus calliprinos ~ Evergreen Oak

Quercus calliprinos ~ Evergreen Oak

بلوط، سنديان دائم الخضره


Evergreen, predominant species of oak in the region, appears usually as a large bush but can reach heights of over 10 m, growing in terra rossa mountain soil

Leaves: Stiff, shiny dark green with sharp spines around the edges

Flowers: Male and female flowers are found on the same tree; green male flowers grow as a catkin, a long cylindrical cluster of small flowers without petals; female flowers grow as a nut called an acorn, borne in a cup-like structure known as a cupule.

Flowering: February-April

Fact: Oaks were one of the sources of tannin necessary for tanning hides

Habitat: Oak-pistachio woodlands in Dibeen and other mountain regions, at elevations of 200 m or higher


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