Type Specimens

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Example of a type specimenA type specimen is the single herbarium sheet or illustration designated in the original publication of a new scientific name as representing the plant that is being named.

Any later researcher working on the taxonomy of that plant or related plants needs to find and examine as much of the original type material as possible, in order to understand the work that has gone before.

As such, type specimens represent a major and irreplaceable national and international asset.

The example pictured here is a type specimen from Kew Gardens in the UK.

At the RBG, we do not currently have any type specimens in our Herbarium. However, we are very aware of the value of our national type specimens. Therefore, we are seeking to determine the location of all type specimens in Jordan. 

At this stage, the RBG is contacting all the major herbaria in the country to ascertain the status of Jordan’s type specimens and provide any required assistance and support for their conservation.